How far in advance should booking be considered?

Short sessions or albums that will be done in parts should be booked two to three weeks in advance. For extended sessions (more than three consecutive days) booking should take place one to two months in advance. 

What are the hours of operation?

Southwing Audio operates by appointment only. We have a free standing, fully soundproofed studio on private property. We understand the working musicians schedule and will accommodate any times needed within reason. Booking inquiries and questions will be taken by phone, txt or email to Gus Kritikos (346) 234-1096

Where is southwing audio located?

Southwing Audio is located in Spring, Tx. We are 25 minutes away from downtown Houston and 20 minutes away from The Woodlands. When you are ready to book, please call Gus for directions.

Can we track live in the studio?

Yes! Our live room is specially treated to create a unique and pleasing room tone for any artist.

Can i use my own engineer?

Yes, as long as the engineer is qualified and comfortable working on the gear at Southwing Audio. We have an advanced system that takes experience to fully comprehend. We require $45/hr for a Southwing engineer to be present and ready to assist at all times.

What is an audio engineer?

An engineer at Southwing Audio is a qualified, experienced, and educated professional who operates all of the equipment, provides pro setup, and takes care of the artist's audio requests throughout the session. 

is southwing audio's gear available for use during sessions?

Everything listed on our gear page is available for artists to use for no charge. However, if you will be using Southwing Audio's equipment, you will need to bring new strings, drum heads and drum hardware. Cables will be provided by the studio.

Can we get a tour of southwing audio?

Tours are welcome and encouraged. We enjoy meeting an artist or client before booking in order get to know each other and discuss the project. 

How long does it take to record an album?

Recording an album depends on the time you can dedicate, expectations, and skill level. Based on the varying degrees of production necessary, it is impossible to predict exactly how long it will take to make a record.

Do you have beats?

We do not have stock beats, but we have various samples, keyboards, synths, drum kits, etc. We are happy to build beats for clients or outsource to our network of professionals. 

How do we prepare for a recording session at southwing audio?

Preparing for a recording session is one of the crucial elements that makes a smooth, successful session. Everyone in your group (or you individually) needs to be on the same page with the project and be WELL rehearsed. Musicians need to establish the tempos for all of the songs using a metronome in order to ensure the engineer has the right BPM (beats per minute). This saves time and money. Guitar/Bass - Please put new strings on your instruments and make sure it is properly intonated to your songs. Drums - Please bring in replacement drum heads and we will tune them for you or you can hire a drum tech of your choosing. Drum tuning is extremely important to capturing a GREAT drum sound. The better the source sounds coming in, the better your product is going to be. Bring extra sticks and please fix any squeaks. Southwing Audio does NOT provide cymbals for artists to use so please plan accordingly. Please do not use cracked cymbals (unless stylistic choice). Vocals - Please come with a copy of the lyrics that you plan to record typed, double-spaced, and numbered for easier communication between you and our engineer. We have a printer and computer on site. Please drink plenty of water and avoid nut and milk products. Get a good nights sleep and come in with a clear mind. Successful studio sessions take focus, good vibes, and readiness. 

Does southwing audio do voiceovers, podcasts, radio spots and other non-music oriented audio?

Yes! Southwing Audio is well versed in voice acting, audiobooks, radio commercials, jingles and podcasts. Our facility is fully capable of providing clients with professional audio recordings regardless of type.

can we come early for setup?

No. Setup is a very important step in an engineer's job and is considered part of the session process. 

When and how do i pay southwing audio?

Southwing Audio requires a non-refundable deposit in order to book a session. This is to ensure that you get the dates that accommodate you most. This deposit is typically 30-50% depending on the size of the project and will be applied to the final bill to be paid upon arrival. We accept paypal, cash, or credit/debit.

are there any accommodations?

Here at Southwing we have all the accommodations an artist needs to have a productive session. There is a lounge, small kitchenette and a front lobby that are all accessible with the booking of a session.