Ben is an exceedingly talented musician and promising audio engineer. Born and raised in Houston, TX, he began performing and studying music at the age of 11 playing violin. His career started when he got his first guitar starting different punk bands and eventually creating Local staples War Master and Cryptic Void. This opened doors to songwriting, world touring, and producing since 2007. He began training as an engineer under the guidance of Chris Kritikos in 2016. He is proficient in Pro Tools and Ableton. His trained ears and endearing point of view bring his clients the product they seek and deserve. 

gus kritikos

Ben Gott

Gus Kritikos is the General Manager at Southwing Audio. His approach with clients is simple yet effective. He ensures that sessions happen on time and with ease. He understands the needs of an artist in studio and accommodates accordingly. From booking to setup to final product, Gus makes sure that all of the clients of Southwing Audio are satisfied. He prides himself on building and maintaining long term relationships with his clients whether they are local, regional, or major label to ensure that they receive the audio that they need to succeed. His communication skills and experience in sales, marketing, and music provide our clients with the highest possible value. 

chris kritikos

Chris Kritikos is an engineer/producer from Houston, Tx. His work is unmatched and he strives for a specific recording every time. He is a Pro Tools Operator and Expert with thousands of hours of experience in recording, editing, mixing, mastering, and re-amping. With a wide skill set from pop to podcasts and metal to hip hop, Chris is familiar with audio for many different needs. he currently plays in 2 bands and is a multi-instrumentalist. With a bachelor's degree in audio engineering and an associate's degree in recording arts, Chris ensures that our artists are leaving with the highest quality audio tracks.