our approach

We believe in a creative and unique recording experience that will last a lifetime. 


Southwing Audio is your premier recording studio in Houston, Tx. We offer a range of services including but not limited to tracking, mixing, mastering and production. Southwing is a fully functioning analog and digital studio that always puts passion and creativity first. Est. in 2008, Southwing Audio has worked with an array of artists from many different backgrounds giving us an exceedingly diverse portfolio. 

who we are

Every artist is unique. At Southwing Audio we understand that and know how to cater to various artists audio needs. Whether it be a single, full album, radio ad, or voiceover production, Southwing Audio is fully capable of providing our clients with professional audio services.


Gus Kritikos


(346) 234-1096


Fb: facebook.com/southwingaudio